Hunting is available the entire year, but the most popular time is mid-March to end-October due to the moderate temperatures.

Our hunting season officially starts on the 1st of February until the end of November, for rifle hunting. Due to the raining season in the beginning of the year and very high temperatures in November we prefer to hunt mid-March up to end-October. Our Hunting area covers more than 50 000ha (±123500 acres) private land, some of the best hunting territories in Namibia. Namibia is renowned throughout the world for its large variety of game species and excellent trophy quality. Ongariwanda Hunting Safaris, offer you a variety of hunting options: Clients can hunt off the Trophy Price List on a Daily Rate or choose a package and then add additional animals from the price-list. Alternatively, we can tailor-make a package for your needs. Most of our hunting is undertaken using the ‘walk-and-stalk’, ‘spot-and-stalk’, ‘stand’ or ‘still’ method and our hunts are Fair Chase. Shots vary between 80 – 200 metres ( 85 -250 yards) and we urge you to practice shooting from the long bipod shooting sticks that are commonly used here. The large quantities of various game species on our hunting preserve limit the amount of travelling while on safari. With 10 natural water-holes and natural Savannah Bushveld we offer almost 20 different species in our Hunting Area.

Species available on Ongariwanda Hunting


Black Back Jackal

Black Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest

Brown Hyena

Burchell Zebra



Common Duiker

Common Impala

Damara DikDik








Red Hartebeest



Spotted Hyena





The advantage of hunting with Ongariwanda Hunting Safaris is that one saves a lot of time traveling between hunting areas and of course you’re not restricted to hunting quotas. On the hunt you will be guided by a highly professional PH. Experienced trackers, spotters and skinners will assist you on your hunt. Your trophies will be prepared and packed according to your choice of taxidermy presentation.

Namibia is one of the only countries in Africa that has a medal and minimum scoring system. That protects the hunter from shooting animals that does not make the minimum score, which could not be exported. Also to show the hunter how good his trophy is. Here on Ongarwianda Hunting Safaris you can expect to shoot 90% gold medal trophies. We also pride ourselves in top game genetics and very good trophy quality.