Leopard Hunting

Africa’s beautiful, deadly and uncontainable Hunting Safari

Namibia has become a very popular leopard hunting destination!

Leopards are, with my opinion, NOT endangered in Namibia. But because they are rarely seen during the day, there is this wrong perception that they are rare. They are extremely shy animals with excellent senses and camouflage and very good at avoiding humans. Maybe one of the utmost intelligent animals in Africa.

In Namibia, Leopard conservation has been very successful. There are strict quotas on hunting leopards for export, and hunting licences are limited. Leopard hunting is strictly controlled by the Namibian Government and is absolutely legal and sustainable. I never book your hunt until I have a confirmed licence for you. If I have a tag available, I will be glad to talk with you about the details of a leopard hunt.

For the trophy hunter who has been seeking this elusive member of the Big Five, we offer, at most, two Leopard hunting safaris each year and have a very high success rate. We take it as our proud to book these two exclusive hunts to give you as hunter the assurance that you get the best possible experience with the best possible opportunity to hunt this exclusive cat. We begin baiting and setting up hides in key locations before your arrival in order to stimulate the Leopard activity and increase your chances of taking your Leopard. By the time you arrive for your Leopard hunt, there will usually be good Leopard activity at the baits. We try to maintain the cat(s) on the bait, sometimes if baiting is done for too long a Leopard may loose interest for some time, only to come back later. Due to their secretive nature it would be very difficult to successfully hunt leopard on a 12 or 14 day safari without baiting. Baiting is the most popular method, lying in wait at dusk from a blind 75 or more yards away. Leopards are very alert, usually coming to the bait the last few minutes before complete darkness.

We at Ongariwanda Hunting Safaris can offer you a 10 – 14 Day Leopard Hunt. REMEMBER – this exclusive animal is Part of the BIG 5 – you need time, you need patience to assure a successfull hunt, therefor we suggest that you book at least 14 days for your hunt.

14 Day Hunt inclusive of Pick up at Hosea Kutako International Airport and transport during your hunt and back to the Airport. Full Board Accommodation for the duration of your stay, Government Leopard License Fee and Leopard Bait Fees as well as the LEOPARD TROPHY FEE.

IF THIS HUNT is calling you – CONTACT US!